Custom HTML5 / CSS 3 Code

The core of any site is clean, validated HTML 5 and CSS 3 that looks good and functions across most browsers. Like everyone else in the modern world I develop for mobile first.

Bootstrap / Angular

There are really three main javascript front end frameworks. ReactJS, Angular, and Bootstrap. I am specializing in using Bootstrap and Angular.

Well Documented Code.

While everyone says this, I try to make clear documented code that can be exterminated by other developers. In the past project I have spent more time documenting than coding. Of course that is a life saver looking at a project 1-2 (or more) years later.

PHP / Zend / Java

PHP is my personal go to language followed by Java. I have used Zend framework for countless sites up till 2013. That said ... while I haven't used it yea. I am liking Larvel. My next favorite language is Java.

LAMP Server Administration

While I don't consider myself a full stack guy... I'd like to think I am pretty close. I have ran and administered LAMP servers (primiarily Debian/Ubuntu or Cent) for years. Over the summer of 2016, I finally got around to getting my Linux+ Cert.

Wordpress (Woocomerce) - Magento 2 E-Commerce

I have used Wordpress and Magento for years writing custom plugins and themes/templates for these CMS. As there are SO many different CMS out there (and I'm just one, I am focusing on Wordpress - Woocommerce and Mangento 2.


I've started redoing my work and getting back into web development since October 2016.
While I've been at this since 2007, almost all my old work has long since gone to the great 404 black hole (I left web development completely in 2013). Which good as it gives me a chance to start over.

More will be posted as I re-do old projects for fun / make project for direct sale / get new freelance work.

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DeJager Studios

This site - Basic Portforlio site

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February Agency Template

February Bootstrap HTML Template

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Mailing Contact Info

Hamilton Ohio 45013

I work out of my home office or at the library down the street.The best way to contact me is via email or snail mail.


If you like what you see. Let me know. I am currently accepting freelance work.

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